There are a lot of people who love streaming their videos so that the rest of the world can see their talents and skills. BIGO Live has made it possible for people to do this easily and even become rewarded for the things that they do.

One of the things that people like about this is the fact that they can also collaborate and get to know other popular people who are also using the app. You can chat with other people that you find interesting as long as they also have a registered account.

Features to Expect from BIGO Live

What are the features of BIGO Live that will make you want to download it on your Windows phone? These are a few things that you should know:

  • Broadcast and Show Your Talent – You will have the right platform to upload and share your videos without worrying that you will be judged. This is a platform wherein everyone uploads and shows their skills.
  • Interact with Live Audience – Let us say that you have a lot of fans from different parts of the world. You can interact with them real-time and this can be effective in improving the number of people who may watch you.
  • Do Guest Lives – Connect with your friends and you can do a Guest live feature very soon.
  • Send Personal Messages – If you do not want strangers to look into the messages that you will send to other broadcasters, sending personal messages is always possible.
  • Do Calls – Do you need to call someone locally or internationally? This will not be a problem with the use of the BIGO Live app.

Specifications of BIGO Live for Windows

Actual Developer of the Application: BIGO LIVE
Date Released: March 2016
Category: Multimedia
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Mobile
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

How to Download BIGO Live

You know that you can easily enjoy BIGO Live with the use of your Windows phone. Downloading does not have to be complicated.

Step 1: Go to Microsoft App Store.
Step 2: Go to the search bar and input BIGO Live.
Step 3: Find BIGO Live and download the app.
Step 4: Wait for the application to be fully installed on your phone.
Step 5: Once the application has been fully downloaded, you can open the app.
Step 6: Register and verify your app by using your Facebook ID or your Google account.
Step 7: Start broadcasting.

Sharing your videos can be easy as long as you would follow the steps that are mentioned above. Once you have registered, start broadcasting and sharing your videos easily.