Do you know that you have a chance to become a star with the use of certain online platforms? There are millions of people all over the world who can watch you if you would make an effort to create your own videos. One of the core features of this app is that it will broadcast your video. You can broadcast almost anything that you want. You can show people that you are cooking, singing, or basically showing off your talent.

What is Bigo Live Web?

You have learned various details about Bigo Live Web but you do not exactly know what this is for. Bigo Live Web will allow you to show the things that you do that may be interesting to the different viewers from all over the world. You can broadcast yourself doing almost anything that you desire.

This is an application that was first founded in Singapore. This is an application that will allow you to broadcast anything that you feel will be interesting to a lot of people. You can also get connected to other people with different preferences. You can get a lot of features that will definitely help you find the right people who will also have the same interests as you.

The use of Bigo Live will allow you to connect to different broadcasters from different parts of the globe. Just open the application and you will be allowed to see so many videos. There are even instances when you can become exposed to other cultures. It will be enough to make you interested in using the app more.

Features of Bigo Live Web

There are different videos that you can watch when you are using Bigo Live Web but what else can this app offer?

  • Watch live stream videos from other broadcasters.
  • Chat with other people who have downloaded Bigo Live Web on their own gadgets.
  • Send gifts to broadcasters whose content you appreciate.
  • Gaming and showbiz categories. You can choose the category that will fit your interests more.

How to Use Bigo Live Web

There are actually many ways that you can use the Bigo Live App version. The first thing that you have to do is to download the app depending on how you want to use it. You can download it on your phone, your PC, or your computer. It will depend on the right platform that will be most ideal for you.

These are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. Download your chosen Bigo Live Web version on your gadget.
  2. Once the app is fully installed, you can register.
  3. Check out the different features of the app.
  4. Start broadcasting.
  5. Send hearts and other gifts to broadcasters with interesting and entertaining content.

Bigo Live Web Version

If in case you do not want to download the application on your phone, you always have the option to just use the live web version. There are some steps that you can follow so that you can appreciate Bigo Live Web better:

Step 1: Type in the address bar such as Click on the search button so that you can start to access the sites.
Step 2: Login or Sign up depending on the time that you have started to use the web version.
Step 3: Input your current country or region. Click on the send button so that you can continue.
Step 4: You will be sent a verification code that you can use in order to access the rest of the features that Bigo Live Web can offer.
Step 5: Input your password so that you can access Bigo Live from the web.

Bigo Live is Available For

  • Bigo Live for Mac
  • Bigo Live for Windows
  • Bigo Live APK for Android
  • Bigo Live for iOS
  • Bigo Live for Windows Phone
  • Bigo Live for Blackberry

Bigo Live Web — Screenshots

Bigo Live Web PC

Bigo Live on the Web

Are you ready to start using Bigo Live Web? You will surely have a great time trying out the different features that this app can offer. One of the best things that you will notice is that there are some people who can actually earn money when using this app. Who knows, this may be your chance to start earning