There are so many social media applications that are being released every day. There are certain categories that you may find interesting more than the others. This particular app may be one of the apps that you want to check out more.

All of the apps that are available right now will require that you will log in especially if you want to keep on using the app and there are different details that will make your account easier to distinguish from the others.

An Outlook on Bigo Live

This application that was first released in the year 2016 has obviously become more popular over the years. This is known to be a VoIP application or Voice Over Internet Protocol application that people are downloading from different parts of the world.

It allows different people to share videos of themselves doing various things that they love. Whether you like to show your skills in singing, dancing, and so much more, you will be able to show the rest of the world what you can offer. Some broadcasters will share their hidden talents and start becoming recognized for it.

This is an app that will help you build your followers. At the same time, it is the right platform for you to meet people with the same interests as you.

How to Login

This app comes with an interface that can be used easily so you will not have issues while logging in. It is best that you follow these steps so that logging in can be easy and you can start using the many features of the application.

Step 1: Tap on the icon that represents the app. If you are using it for PC, open up the website on your browser.
Step 2: Look for Bigo Live App if you are using browser. If you are using an app, just wait for the app to load.
Step 3: Make sure that your app is installed on your device.
Step 4: You will be prompted to sign up or log in.
Step 5: Place your username and password to login to Bigo Live.
Step 6: To login, you have several options: Use your Facebook ID, place your Gmail address, or your Google+ account.

Make sure that you will choose the right account to register as this will make things easier for you.

Bigo Live Login — Screenshots

It will be easy to figure out what to do next when you are successfully logged in to Bigo Live. Are you ready to start broadcasting your videos? Make sure that your username is interesting as this might make people check out your videos.

Enjoy this screenshot that will help you see how Bigo Live is expected to look.