Bigo Live is known to be available in all iOS devices. This has gotten more popular all over the world and more and more people are downloading it on their chosen devices. It is through Bigo that people are able to showcase their talent and their skills. It is now possible that you will watch video games or even watch your favorite broadcaster showcase the videos that you want.

Features of Bigo Live for iOS

The popularity of this app has definitely grown since the year 2016. This is a video that is used for video streaming. Some use it for broadcasting but it can do so much more than that. This will help you show people that you have talent. You may also be given an opportunity to connect with other people that you find interesting.

The live feature is available for iOS and Android devices so you know that you can connect with almost everyone that you want. Some of you may even get the chance to connect with popular celebrities. Just add them and who knows, they may follow you back.

Another feature that is available is the ability to give some virtual gifts to your followers. You can send diamonds and beans that are considered to be very important because they can be transformed into cash when you reach a certain amount. There are also other gifts that are available like lollipops, hearts, and so much more. Win some of the games that Bigo offers and you can also get more prizes.

Specifications of Bigo Live for iOS

The developer of Bigo Live is BIGO LIVE. This was first released March of 2016. This is a multimedia app that allows different people to connect with each other. This supports iOS and other platforms. This can be accessed by people from all over the world and it also comes in different languages. This has a Freeware license.

Download Bigo Live for iOS

One of the things that you should remember so that you can start using the app is you first have to download it.These are the other steps that you have to follow after:

  • Register your chosen username. You can choose a username that is unique so that people will be curious with what you can offer.
  • Remember to choose the right password.
  • You may need to send a verification code to ensure that you are the user of the account.
  • Start broadcasting your videos.

Bigo Live for iOS

Do you want to see how Bigo Live will look like when you download it on your phone? You know that it is going to be easy when you already see the app while you are using it. As of now, you can just look at the different screenshots that will allow you to see what you can expect when you start using this application.

You always have a chance to connect with different people from all over the world.